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Rialta shower – a surprise!

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1:08 am
September 9, 2011



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Yet another surprise was experienced with my 1999 HD; the Rialta shower!  I am sure many Rialta owners have never even tried their showers according to what I have heard.  Just standing there looking at it doesn't do it justice.  I finally got brave and gave it a go.  My biggest fear was that I would fill up the holding tank before I was done.  I knew the water heater had enough oompf but worried about the holding tank.  I have had RV's before and have gotten a speedy shower with the least amount of water usage down to a science.  That is a step by step process of neurocy I will save for another time.  Nevertheless, I adjusted my temp. with the sink down to soap up the wash cloth.  From there I could do some prelim. work.  Then! Sink back up and on to the rest including shampoo.  I did turn the shower head control off briefly.  Anyhow, I was most surprised at the acutal turn around room.  I haven't tried it with the door closed because the towel rack and toilet roll would be bumped into.  All is safe with those awesome shower curtains in place.  During my first "test" shower the power drain did NOT work (since repaired) so I got to see how much my on the road shower took.  The shower pan was filled a bit more than half.  Barely indicated past the empty mark on the Monitor Panel (black tank). Had I been hooked up, I could have taken it more liesurely.  Clean up was so easy after letting the curtains hang out for a while.  I wipe them down, fold, and stow.  A quick wipe down of the enclosure and the place is clean and dry.  Floor back in place and we have a happy camper!!  Not crazy here, just happy! 

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