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Prospective Rialta Buyer curious about Mechanical Concerns?

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12:00 am
January 27, 2010


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Want to buy a Rialta and am curious if there are any mechanical concerns that owners have ran across… i.e. having to replace transmission after x miles, motor troubles, hard finding parts, fridge stops working?  Things like that.  I've researched other small RVs and you run into common mechanical problems.  Also, does the shower leak in the carpet area?  How many conservative showers/washings would you say you get with a full tank of water?… I haven't actually been in a Rialta yet and the whole pulling the shower out is intriguing, seems it would leak on the carpet, but haven't heard such an incident.  So far the small shower and toilet setup seems to be my only negative… any personal experiences using them that one could ease my worriesome hygiene matters with?

Thanks for your time!


9:49 am
May 18, 2010



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The tranny on the 1997 and newer models (with the V8 engine) is known to run very hot. Many owners add a "Scangauge" to monitor the temperature and a tranny cooler to help cool the fluid. Towing a trailer would be just asking for trouble in my opinion.

The 95 and 96 models do not have this problem.

The norcold fridge doesn't have a freezer and it only wants to work properly if the rialta is very level.

I have not showered in my rialta yet and don't really look forward to it. The stall is very small as we all know. I also have the optional outside shower and would prefer to use it if I was in a private camping spot. 

Part of the floor directly in front of the shower is removable. When you take the floor out, a shower floor with drain is now visible. So, no… the carpet doesn't get wet. I think the fresh water holding tank is 15 gallons and the hot water heater is only 4 gallons. The hot water heater temperature is not adjustable and the water gets dangerously hot. You could easily burn yourself in the hot water so becareful !

An odd thing about the shower is that the waste water is pumped into the BLACK water tank instead of the much larger GREY water tank. This means that you'll be emptying the black water tank a lot more often if you use the indoor shower. Some owners have altered the plumbing to allow the showers waste water to drain on the ground under the RV. I don't think many camping areas would be very happy if they saw you doing that though! Surprised

The biggest thing I dislike about my Rialta is the low roofline. I'm 5' 11″ tall and can't stand up inside. And I bump my head into everything. Even my 5' 8″ partner moves around inside hunched over. If winnebago had just raised the roof another 3-4 inches… the rialta would be much more appealing. It wouldn't affect MPG much either.

Did you buy a rialta yet?